About Us

The Brand with The WorldShoe Logo.

 In 2013 , in a tiny apartment in Philadelphia, WorldShoe was born spawned from an undying passion for shoes and travel.

Shoes have been around for almost 15,000 years and as a society we have been inseparable since. Face it we love our shoes, that's fact. They safely take us from point A to point B and back. They keep us protected and are always by our side on the most gruesome of journeys. We can all relate to shoes. They come in all shapes, sizes, colors and silhouettes. We all stand on common ground literally.

Created by a frequent traveler and avid sneaker head , we understand the importance of creating products that are functional as well as stylish. We love to travel weather via boat, plane, tractor, car you name it we've done it and our products have withstood.

Our brand was created around you the customer with the concept that shoes are everywhere around us and they gives yet another commonality as a race. We seek to be a beacon of unison. A symbol of not just appreciation for shoes but as a reminder that we all have more in common than not. Inspired by Sneakers, United by the World.



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