The Power Within You

Richard Martinez

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You’ve reached this page in search of some secret sauce to help keep you motivated.
What if I told you everything you need to succeed is with you.
The tools you need to achieve greatness have always been there, you just need to unlock it.


It’s no secret sauce I am offering but words to help open and expand your mind. To foster a new way of thinking, doing, being. That in turn will put a different spin on the way you view life and what you can achieve. We have assembled a list of some of the best motivational quotes from the greatest minds and artists to get you on the right path.

 powerful motivational quotes


You have the power to change your life. You are in control and the product of your life is what you allow to happen. Don’t let life make you, make it.


powerful motivational quotes 

Young or old, it’s never too late to start. Don’t worry so much about how what you want to do may be something that is better left for the young. The motivation you need to be great is already there with unrivaled passion all you need to do is show the world why you are different.


 powerful motivational quotes


            You see if you feel that the days are stacked against you, you’ve lost sight of the big picture. To keep motivated you have to realize the goal. Once you do you’ll spend less time complaining about it being Monday and more time working towards your end result. Perspective is key, take every day as a stepping stone to a better you.


 powerful motivational quotes


Hard work is always rewarded! Some call it luck but it simply comes down to being prepared when opportunity knocks. It may not come when you’re expecting it so you’ve got to consistent in your efforts. The key is not expecting someone to reward you but to do things with the motivation and intention to continue to better yourself.


Continuing to  learn and being the best you can be allows yourself to be qualified for the position you wish to be in. Whether it be fitness, business, sports, finance or education the power is within you.



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